Copyright policy

Kinderköpkes Singing Academy


The purpose of this policy is to describe responsibilities and procedures with regard by use of third parties with respect to copyright material of the Kinderköpkes Singing Academy, with the objectives of:
  Exposure to the risks associated with the use of third-party copyrighted material;
  Helping board members to fully legally use the materials at their disposal by clearly identifying their responsibilities.
  Promote copyright protection.


This policy applies to everyone, active at the Kinderköpkes Singing Academy, Board, members, their parents and / or caretakers and possibly hired assistants. The scope of this policy is limited to specifying responsibilities with regard to:
  The use of third-party copyright material for education, learning, research or administrative purposes;
  Any other use of copyrighted material from third parties that does not fall under the Music, Video and Software piracy policy (BSA & BREIN).
This policy does not cover copyrighted material from third parties.
First party copyright material is covered by intellectual property policy.


• Copyright: Defined as a legal concept that gives the maker of an original work the exclusive rights to the work to exploit for a limited time and to prevent others from copying the work.
•  Copyright ECJ: The copyright legislation of the European Union consists a number of directives, which the member states must include in their national legislation and by the judgements from the European Court of Justice. EU directives are adopted to implement the laws of the Member States of the Harmonize the European Union.
•  The copyright legislation in the Netherlands: In the Netherlands the copyright is regulated in the Copyright Act. In article 1 of the Copyright Act the copyright is described as follows: Copyright is the exclusive right of the author of a literary, scientific or artistic work or his successors in title to disclose the work to the public and to reproduce it, subject to the exceptions laid down by law.
• Copyright and copyrighted material from third parties: Works or other material whose copyright is not in the hands of the Kinderköpkes Singing Academy.
• Moral rechten:The three moral rights granted to the creators of copyright in Part XIV of the copyright legislation 1968 (Cth) 1-38,I-VI.


What individuals can do with copyright protected materials depends on who owns the copyrights, whether the use of the material is the subject of an agreement, the type of material used, how the material is used, how much material is used and the purpose for which it is used. the material will be used.

Kinderköpkes Singing Academy has the responsibility to provide information and guidelines to the Board, members, their parents and / or caretakers and, if necessary hired assistants who are associated with Kinderköpke Singing Academy with regard to copyright. These can be split up into the following:

  Engage in their copyrights and responsibilities.
  Develop, implement and support systems and processes that enable copyright compliance; ensure that there are financial structural and administrative procedures to comply with its obligations under copyright law and revise them where necessary.
  Monitor external developments related to copyright, in particular copyright law, to review policies, practices and documentation and updating to adequately reflect changes and to raise awareness of any developments.
  Ensure that corporate publications and information services, policies and facilities of Kinderköpkes Singing Academy meet the requirements of the copyright law and regularly revised if the law does not provide for this.
Respond appropriately to alleged infringements of the copyright law that have been brought to the attention of authorized board members or of which judicial knowledge.
Report alleged copyright infringements to the authorities that supervise the Copyright Protection Act and will also file a report at ministery of justice.

Individuals have the responsibility to:

  Be aware of their rights and obligations with regard to copyright, including moral rights.
  Adhere to the requirements of the copyright law, apply the policies and procedures of the Kinderköpkes Singing Academy when using copyrighted works.
  Consulting the board of the Kinderköpkes Singing Academy before achieving agreements with external organizations on behalf of the Kinderköpkes Singing Academy, especially when third-party copyrighted material is used.
  Report alleged copyright infringements to the board of Kinderköpkes Singing Academy.

To Copy

The European and Dutch copyright act contains provisions that make it possible for some documents to use text, images and noted (print's) music in ways that would otherwise require copyright statements. These provisions are also called the teaching authority. The conductor of the Kinderköpkes Singing Academy also teacher at KUMULUS Maastricht (educational institution) is allowed to copy and communicate text and images without submitting music copyright.

  It is for educational purposes.
  They work for an educational institution that falls under the teaching authority
  It isonly for private use and it is not allowed to reproduced.


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